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  • Welcome to June Bug's Club!

    This is where I'll be expressing myself along with displaying any content I put together.



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    Welcome to JBC~~!!##


    Welcome to June Bug's Club!!

    Here I will be able to place everything within a central place to display. It will include all things and aspects of my life. Some things will point to external sites, but are maintained by me. So those will be noted as I will be the only one seeing the behind the scenes content. Other sites that are listed and will also be noted as such. If they ask for any authentication you will need to very what site you are on as to what authentication/sign on information is needed.

    As of 2017-April this site is still under construction. I am putting up the general information and will be adding to it over the course of the next few weeks. This is my site, so any information within this site (junejackson.com and moonprincess.net) is accessed on the backend by only me. While I will have 'staff and moderators' for the content. All personal/private information will only be accessible by me only. This excludes any information provided on the front end such as username/gender/biography information that is filed in on the profile pages. That is the type of information that you see "once on the internet always on the internet' stuff. I'm speaking of IP address/session ID's and password stuff that is stored in a database. Just don't let that scare you off from enjoying the site.

    I would love to see this as growing community!!! I'm starting off small after all it's all about me!!!! LOL Yes I will expand it to include the hobbies, interest, and work. But it's for friends as well as associates and clients. Have no fear I will keep sections that are reserved for family in that they are grouped with family and of course clients will have access to what they need. If you have the unique privilege to be part of both, then you go!!! You'll have carte' blanche ;D

    So look forward to some of the features around here. Like blogs, you know for personal and projects, to give a few into the mind of a crazy art project enthusiast. Even a gallery to post pictures in albums for hobbies, trips, and other stuff. Downloads for templates, themes, and other digital stuff I create. Don't miss the forum to open up discussions, check out events, and snoop into my life *winks*. If you're on my personal friends list them you'll be able to come along for the awesome ride of life.


    June Jackson
    Blessed Be, So Mote It Be

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