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Article: Community Family

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What exactly is a community family!??! Well that is what this is.

  I have been coding, creating, and administrating websites for almost 20 years now. I know telling on my age, but well it's true. I started my first domain back in 1998 and still have it too. Since then I have had many other domains, built them up and even sold some for a profit a time or two. But I have also come back to the fact I love putting a website together. From the first HTML code to the scripts that make it function the way I want it too.

  I have set up websites on a poor mans budget and on website made for a profit. It's all about doing the type of platform to the individual that will be administrating it. In some cases that was me, in others it was someone else. I still do that on occasion too if you want to have one set up. They can vary so much as to keeping in touch with friends and family.

Now days with the internet and technology highway there is no excuse not to stay in touch. It doesn't even have to be with direct contact anymore. However with the media, privacy is a concern, for me anyway. Sure I could post everything on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of media that has such platforms. However I want it more in my control, such as to who has access to WHAT!@!!@! If I post pictures of the kid then I don't want to see her picture plastered on Facebook 2 months from now 'can I ask for a like' and pouty face. Someone I personally know had this happen simply because she was sharing her experience with those she cared about.

Don't get me wrong social media is great for your general 'public' life or if you like to, in your mind, be a celebrity and share your drama with everyone. Just don't cry over spilt milk when it does become drama and goes south is what I say.

  So here I have just one example of how a community can be set up. I have installed a platform known as IPB4, which is a forum software that has expanded the functions to include a gallery, blog, download system, and an e-commerce. Which I do not at the present time have the commerce. If my side hobby of One Stroke expands then I will consider getting it. Painting is a passion and so is teaching and for retirement. For now PayPal works just fine for me. I can create groups and separate the access from business to friends to family. if need be I can go in and limit access on one person or expand their view to allow them more things to see and do around here. There is even an API (application program interface) which allows me to set a button to link to Facebook and post there as well, content I choose to show whether it be public or private. That to me is what it's about, I control what and who sees it.

  Add to all that I can customize it to look and do what I want it to do. Though for the most part it comes preset with the interface that I want to do the things I want. I just have to get it themed to look how I would like.

  Now they say what goes out on the internet stays out there. That is VERY true, so if you don't want it public then obviously it shouldn't be posted. Same goes for a community, such as photos. If you won't put it in an album to set in your living room, then it shouldn't be posted. These type of things go back to keep your personal life personal and your public life at work. Now my house isn't set up to attract thieves (such as this website), but I bet some people work at a place (Facebook, Twitter as an example) where there are plenty of people ready to break in. This is the rule and guide I go by when I talk about here vs social media. The correlation between a big social media site and a small community run site. There your personal stuff is more visible and the "big guys" are more a target for hacking than a small nobody site. 

  All in all a community is about the people who are there more than once or twice a week. If you don't get online for awhile. It's about going back after a month and catching up and seeing whats new. Then being able to post things and what's new with you. So hey I thought I'd be my own best example and start a public one that has a more private section as well for my friends and family. I can keep my public projects and things going on public. Turn around and keep whats private to me between friends.


If you have questions or even want to see or talk to me about a Family Community site then just let me know.


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