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CasperVend API

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For ann interface between CasperVend and Wordpress, creating an api to import is a great solutions. Here is some of the variables and an example script to process the variables into a product database.



    the $data variable now contains:
    $data[':product']   	- the product ID
	$data[':productname']	- the name of the product
    $data[':from']        	- key of the user who PAID
    $data[':to']        	- key of the user who RECEIVED the item
    $data[':fromName']      - name of the user who PAID
    $data[':toName']        - name of the user who RECEIVED the item
    $data[':time']        	- the time of the transaction, UTC
    $data[':user']        	- your key
    $data[':location']    	- region name
    $data[':quantity']    	- the number of items purchased
    $data[':vendorKey'] 	- key of the vendor used
    $data[':price']     	- amount paid
    $data[':gift']        	- is the purchase a gift card purchase, 0 = no, 1 = yes
    $data[':mode']        	- "norm" or "lucky" - "lucky" means a lucky chair prize
    $data[':affiliate'] 	- the key of the affiliate - if this is the same as the :user value, it's not an affiliate payment
    $data[':affname']     	- affiliate name (or null)
	$data[':verifykey']		- the encrypted key to use with verification (below)




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