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TOS- byCrash

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By purchasing mesh from CrashOV Uladstron inside Second Life you agree to the following terms.

No part of this item may be resold or given away for free trough a merchant platform or directly with full permissions.This is valid for Second life and outside means of communication .

You CAN do the following
-Sell this product in your store with the following permissions: Copy only,Mod only,Transfer only,Copy & mod NO transfer,Mod&Transfer NO copy.
-Re-texture it and edit the 3D model
-You can price is as you like but I would advise not to underprice ,this is however up to you.

-Give this product away to anyone . This item can only be used by you.
-You can not use this product on other platforms and you may not resell the kit as is in SL or any other places on web or not.

Thank you for making this purchase,I wish you a lot of success in your business.


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