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  1. ♥Dreaming of You♥

    Gazing upon the midnight hour, the moon blankets the night. Out of the heart of the forest, comes the blackest of wolves. As fear reaches my cat eyes, my heart beats at an excited pace. Your fur blacker than night, slowly on soft paws coming to me. Calm shadows over my soul, I see into yours and know, you are just searching as am I. Looking for that one to comfort, yet protect and treasure you. One to explore passions limits, and keep you safe and secure.
  2. Know it's been awhile, but having some issues. Maybe will see a major life update very soon! :D

  3. Leona Sasser lol ody wonder ;)

  4. Storm came threw. Bye bye baby birds :(

  5. The future is nearer than you think :(

  6. Ohhhh the thoughts that goes thru ones mind.

  7. Yep and fun toooo....

  8. Leona Sasser Our love is actually a business OMG!! and it is calling!

  9. Hard to believe its been that long

  10. Feeling anticipation and excited along with a good dose of nervousness.

  11. If you volunteer I know you'll have a whole ton of fun!

  12. Roses

    I have had a passion for growing roses. Strange though cause I don't like the scent to much.
  13. DisneyLand

    Our vacation to DisneyLand California. We had so much fun at the park followed by our "$16 dinner and $200 drink night", it was fabulous.
  14. Cowpoke

    From the album Family Selfies

    Taken at one of our work luncheons. The theme set was foods of the world and this was the southern buffet section.
  15. Family Selfies

    Selfies do have a purpose sometimes I think. It allows you to meet ad see who is who.

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