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  1. Leona Sasser lol ody wonder ;)

  2. Storm came threw. Bye bye baby birds :(

  3. The future is nearer than you think :(

  4. Ohhhh the thoughts that goes thru ones mind.

  5. Yep and fun toooo....

  6. Leona Sasser Our love is actually a business OMG!! and it is calling!

  7. Hard to believe its been that long

  8. Feeling anticipation and excited along with a good dose of nervousness.

  9. If you volunteer I know you'll have a whole ton of fun!

  10. Cowpoke

    From the album Family Selfies

    Taken at one of our work luncheons. The theme set was foods of the world and this was the southern buffet section.
  11. Updating for Facebook connection on post, status, and pictures. To better enhance our community.

  12. Updating for Facebook connection on post, status, and pictures. To better enhance our community.

  13. Facebook Connection

  14. Facebook Connection

  15. Back in the day, criteria around 2010, I set out to create a community of friends and family where we could post/share things about our lives in a relatively private venue. So it's taken me a little longer than I had planned, life does that to you. The idea is to while we love Facebook and the keeping everyone in the loop as to what's going on in our lives. It's still a company that oversees the operation of it. With that goes the fact they are still public. Don't get me wrong, they are great in what they do. But some like me want a more 'private' venue in which to express and/or post things for a few friends. On FB the control lies with a corporation, here it is controlled by me. I do the control of who can and is registered and who and can see stuff. I do appreciate and see what an asset FB can be as well. So I have created a page to connect content between here and there. I have for the moment set it up to share as an option content to the page wall, by way of another option, through connecting your FB with here. If for any reason I see a concern for privacy I can and will sever the connection. As you would expect some of the things you can share are status updates, photos, post, and location. If you need any help send me a message and I will be glad to help.